Sunday, January 8, 2012

Indoor Soccer Shoes

We bought all three boys indoor soccer shoes, and each one of them picked a different brand.  We didn’t go too expensive, just right in between. The soccer indoor surface they are playing on is field turf, these types of fields are made up of synthetic grass with ground up rubber as its base.  In this case we bought turf shoes, make sure you pick the shoes accordingly.

My oldest son Jordan chose the Puma Liga Finale IT Soccer Shoes, they were about $40.  He liked them because they felt really comfortable on his feet and had all his team colors (red, black, white).  Jordan is 11 years old, his feet can fit in either narrow or regular fit shoes, so these shoes are good for kids with the same configure.

Jason, my second son who is 10 chose the Adidas Samba Turf Shoes, they were about $40.  Jason has wide feet and usually can’t fit into Nike’s, he always has better luck with Adidas brand shoes.  Plus, he must of saw this shoe somewhere because it was all he can talk about, and this was what he was getting.  For some reason though it seems like these shoes run big, we had to try on several pairs before we could find one that fit him.  So if you go out and buy them make sure to have them try it on first.

Joshua, my youngest son who is 8, chose the Nike5 Youth Bomba Turf Shoes, they were about $30.  Joshua has narrow feet and these shoes fit him perfect.  The colors are great and it looks really sharp on.  The only issue I have with these shoes are the way the shoe laces are kind of on the side of the shoe, for an eight year old trying to tie his shoes in the middle of the game would make it kind of challenging.  Other than that it, he says they feel good on his feet.
Before buying indoor soccer shoes for kids, check with the facility and see what kind of surface the fields are and to see if they are required to wear indoor soccer shoes.  Some facilities let the kids wear their regular soccer cleats or tennis shoes, that would be great so you don’t have to spend anymore money.
On my next blog, my son Jordan joined the outdoor running club at his middle school, so we bought him several things for it.  Since buying outside running gear is new for us, I want to know what some of you seasoned runners think.


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