Saturday, January 7, 2012

How to Handle Being a Sports Mom

Everyone is always asking me "How do you do it"?  I always tell them having a very strong support system is key.  My parents help us out everyday, and we have other sports parents helping out whenever possible.

I work full-time for a large pharmaceutical company in the Regulatory Affairs department, luckily, they have been very flexible with our sports schedule.  When I have to leave early because one of the games is an hour away, I can come in early or make up my time some other day.  You need to be up front with your bosses and make sure to explain to them your situation, and never, never take advantage of the situation.  When you say you are going to make up the time, make up the time, because they may not be as flexible the next time you need to leave early.

In situations when three of the kids have a game at three different locations, we either have my dad take one of the kids or have a parent on the team that lives nearby pick him up and take him home.  Make sure to have a circle of parents, get to know them, find out if they live near you and exchage phone numbers.  Always offer to do the same for them, when they are in a bind let them know you are willing to pick up and take home their child.

When things get hectic make sure to take a step back and just take a moment for yourself, after taking a deep breathe get back to the grind.  Trust me, it is all worth it, just watching your child excel and having fun.  At the end of the game or practice when they say "That was fun" it will put a smile on your face.

Tomorrow we are going to buy soccer indoor shoes, usually the boys have been wearing their cleats, but it is time to switch to indoor soccer shoes.  Not sure which to buy, we don't want to go too expensive because they will just grow out of them, we also don't want to go too cheap we don't want them to have sore feet.

Until tomorrow, I will post pictures of which indoor soccer shoes we get and give you my opinion on them.


  1. This is great and could prove to be a helpful to other moms and dads.

  2. I have a 15 month old son... it won't be long before I'll be carting him to sporting events too! Great tips! :)


  3. These are great tips. It always good to communicate with people to let them know what you are doing.Thanks for following me!