Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indoor Soccer Games

Since I wrote about indoor soccer shoes, I thought it would be beneficial to those parents who are thinking about having their kids join an indoor soccer league.  Indoor soccer games are so good for the kids, it keeps them active during the winter months and they are not at home sitting around watching T.V. or playing video games.
Indoor soccer helps the kids learn to pass more, since indoor games are so fast paced they have to think and react quickly.  Their passing skills improve because they can’t keep  the ball for a long time or it will get taken away from them.  It makes them have to find that open pass and follow through so they can make a play.
Right now the boys are playing 8 v 8, where you can play off the walls and there are no off sides.  They think it’s really cool when you can bounce the ball off the wall and it’s like passing to yourself.  I have to warn you though, they get tired quicker in indoor.  The fields are smaller and the game is fast paced so they are running a lot.  Make sure to bring a big jug of water, and tell them to drink it, you know kids they say they forget to.
I would highly recommend indoor soccer to anyone.  It’s great exercise and they improve their foot skills for when the season starts.  The kids enjoy it too, they get to be with their friends and team mates, plus it’s indoors.  So get them out there and running.

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