Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Soccer Season Begins

The madness begins!

Our schedule is out of control, the boys have practice and games almost everyday of the week in April and May, on top of that baseball practice starts at the same time.  If you saw our calendar you wouldn't believe it.  Also our daughter's soccer training starts this week, I forgot to put that in the mix.

We manage, we wouldn't know what to do when it is all over.  Plus, it's fun watching them play, it gets pretty competitive at times, but they are still having fun.  That's all that counts, when that time comes when they are not having fun is when we need to have them take a step back, hopefully we won't get to that point.

You never know with Ohio weather, last spring season it rained almost every game.  This season I have a feeling will be nice and warm (fingers crossed).

Next blog I will try to have pictures, with the way the schedule is going who knows when that will be.

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